What makes HAVAS Just:: special is our culture. We live and breathe our values; we reward and celebrate great work; we treat all of our people (our ‘Justees’) as individuals and encourage them to be authentic in everything they do.


HAVAS Just:: was founded 10 years ago on three core values – curiosity, confidence and collaboration – which to this day are upheld by every Justee

Working at
HAVAS Just::

At HAVAS Just:: we expect a lot from our Justees, so we think it’s important to give a lot back. As well as the usual benefits you would expect from working in a leading consultancy, we provide a range of opportunities to support our justees development. These include access to a professional coach, the support of a “line management family”, inclusion in HKX Campus along with 1800 other Havas employees and bespoke healthcare communications training and workshops, run by external experts or by our own senior management team.

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