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Just:: becoming a greener business

Jan 22 2020
written by Havas Just::
It’s January 2020 and we’ve just entered a new year and a brand-new decade, had a bit of time off away from the office and eaten too many mince pies. However, this year has also started with an event that has dominated the news and affected many of us, despite taking place thousands of [...]

Marketing in a Digital World

Dec 20 2019
written by Havas Just::
From 11th-12th December, I attended a two-day Digital Marketing Essentials course hosted by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). The aim of the course was to understand the basics about digital marketing, and gain confidence in the steps taken to formulate an effective digital [...]

Just:: make a difference: better mental health at work

Oct 9 2019
written by Havas Just::
The motivation to write this blog came at a pivotal moment in my recovery from mental ill-health. Picture the scene: I’m stuck in traffic in truly torrential rain and Autumn is setting in; my relationship has just ended; I’m in the process of moving home; my Grandparents’ declining health [...]
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