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How COVID-19 laid bare the stark racial health inequalities in the UK

Jun 10 2020
written by HAVAS Just::
Today is Medical Communications Day, a day to celebrate and highlight our profession and what it entails. Every day we identify health needs, seek to understand data, relay key messages to wider audiences and raise heath awareness in the community. Ultimately, we thrive off of knowing we are doing [...]

On World Environment Day, make commitments for our future

Jun 5 2020
written by HAVAS Just::
Last week, the infamous  went ahead online, during one of the driest Mays since records began. That same week, it was announced that the UN would be postponing COP26 by a year to November 2021, due to COVID-19. Bridging between literature and environment, was the inspiring talk , author, [...]

Keeping up with COVID-19: Feeding our hunger for good news

May 28 2020
written by HAVAS Just::
There’s really only one story in town. Every day it’s filling 20-plus pages of print and 24/7 news bulletins, and flooding social media feeds. Lack of PPE, rising death tolls, exit strategies. Who would’ve thought just a few months ago that there was a story to trump, well Trump, and [...]
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